About Me

Hi guys!

My name is Sara Bernardic. I’m originally from a small town in Croatia, but since October 2020, I am going to be in Dublin, Ireland, pursuing my love for art at NCAD. 

In 2019, I graduated from High School with a degree in ceramics design. After the first year of general art education, I had to choose either the direction of interior design or ceramics design. I enrolled in high school with the intention of finishing as an interior designer, but I went in a completely different direction and I am glad I did because in those 4 years of working with clay I gained a new passion for making sculptures, but also had time for my other passion, which is painting and drawing. I purchased qualitly paint supplies and began to paint. While seeing my artwork on social media, a lot of people said they would want to buy my paintings, so i decided to make reproductions.

Digging into all the reshearch and later on making actual prints, i saw that there wasn’t many informations on this topic, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a website dedicated to Painting and Reproductions.