The Equipment, Tools and Materials needed for making Art Reproductions

Most artists eventually consider creating art reproductions either for commercial sale or to have copies of their favorite work in case something happens to the original painting or to give to their friends and close ones.

Nowadays, with the proper equipment, materials, and tools, you can make good quality art prints in the comfort of your own home. The best thing is that you dont even need expensive equipment to get good quality prints.

Many of this things you may already have, and dont necesseraly need to buy another one I recommend, but if you dont want to experiment with your own stuff and just want to get great results, here is the list for you.


You’re not quite right about your distinctions. The printer your print-shop has is definitely really good, but in this day and age, both Epson and Canon make semi-pro printers, that have up to 12 inks and are definitely archival. For example, Canon’s PRO-1000 uses the exact same inks and printhead as their PRO-4000, and they are archival and museum grade inks. Put that on some good Hahnemühle paper, and you’re all set. Oftentimes your local print shop will have a more production-scale printer that used 8 inks or less, to lower the cost per ink, but if you’re going for the best quality possible, your home printer might actually be able to outperform it.

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